The collection of Ducal Hand-Crafted Shoes, using the highest quality leathers and made with extreme care, boast seventy years of tradition and artisan working. At the beginning of the 1930’s, Angiolo Manetti opened his first shop (known as an Italian “bottega”) of hand-crafted shoes in Florence, Italy, near the banks of the Arno river. Soon after, in 1937, not far from his original shop, he founded the shoe factory which is still, to this day, the headquarters.

The knowledge and experience acquired by Signor Manetti remain the exclusive heritage of the family. Today, the fourth generation owners of Ducal brand, remain faithful to their forefather’s principles, which signifies an absolutely unique and superb quality in the tradition and research of hand-crafted shoemaking and accessories.

Ducal is synonymous with a style that goes beyond the trends, and is characterized by the most current nuances in Italian elegance; as well as being one hundred percent ‘Made in Italy.’

In accordance with a precise firm policy, Ducal produces a limited number of shoes per year due to the high quality standards employing great artistic skill and extremely accurate working, most of which are hand made using the traditions of the past.

Angiolo Manetti opened his first shop in the 1930’s

They only use the highest quality leathers from the finest French and Italian tanneries. The leather used for the sole is strictly Tuscan and has been carefully and slowly tanned. Particular care is reserved for the finishing touches on the upper, where a beeswax cream is applied bringing a final result of natural shine and transparency.



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