The Fiorio brand was born in Milan in 1946 thanks to the creative genius of the Fiorio family, already owners of a luxury leather goods company. Signora Fiorino created the first scarf collection: embellished with parachute silk acquired during the war, the scarves opened the doors to success for the Fiorio Maison.

The fame of its creations led Fiorio to partner with the finest Parisian fashion designers: by the seventies, the famous floral scarves of the Milanese label already adorned the necks of princesses or the bags of First Ladies. The progress from scarves to ties was rapid: the same class and attention to detail for a style that was soon recognised as unique for the quality and elegance of its fabrics.

Today, Fiorio continues in the same vein of its tradition, also thanks to its acquisition by the Canepa group, a leading company in the textile sector from the Como area. Our collections are born of passionate and artistic workmanship for ties, shoes, purses, bowties, bathing suits and coats.


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