Sozzi Calze

A family of quality values. After almost half a century both brothers retire in 1960, and Antonio's son, Franco Sozzi, takes over the running of the now 48-year old business."When I was 21 my father took ill and handed the running of the company over to me, like it or not," says Franco Sozzi and continues: "When I started work, I basically had no idea of ​​what I was doing.

Research I am still enthusiastic about today.

At the time, the firm still had women who were experts in their craft. They acted as supervisors and taught the younger women the tricks of the trade. I was also given 'lessons' by one of them." Half a century later and Franco Sozzi continues to manage the family business adopting many of the same core values as his father."The products are the result of focused, non-stop research into products, solutions of different yarns, at the right weights, " Sozzi says. "Research I am still enthusiastic about today.

That makes my job totally unique because it is totally anti-economical. So, quality whatever the cost, even if it means earning a bit less. Today the company offers its customers a selection of natural yarns of cotton, merino wool, cashmere and silk. It continues to build on a century of combined knowledge and experience through research into its materials and manufacturing processes.

Proud of making each and every sock "a small masterpiece", as Sozzi Calze calls their creations. There are those who call us the Rolls-Royce of socks because of our products and our heritage. A comparison that I particularly like, even at risk of appearing immodest," Franco Sozzi concludes.



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